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Our promise to California is to provide supplemental funding to California public education on all levels from kindergarten through higher education, plus several specialized schools. And since 1985, we’ve kept that promise with approximately
$28 billion in Lottery funds to public education.

We’re proud of the contributions we make to California’s schools and work hard to increase our funding through efficient business practices. Read up on how much we’ve been able to give so far.

California Lottery

See our current fiscal year quarterly reports below

2nd Quarter FY2017-18 Contributions to Education 

1st Quarter FY2017-18 Contributions to Education

4th Quarter FY2016-17 Contributions to Education 

3rd Quarter FY2016-17 Contributions to Education

2nd Quarter FY2016-17 Contributions to Education

1st Quarter FY2016-17 Contributions to Education

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